Luxury Homes, Inc

Luxury Homes, Inc. started in 1989 through a partnership of custom home builders, some of which had over 30 years of experience, with the primary goal of providing custom homes of good quality at a fair price. Today, not only does Luxury Homes continue to provide excellence in residential construction, but also provides light commercial and apartment packages to investor/developers within our market area. The flexibility of the company's building program is different from any other company in our area in that we offer two building methods.
Our Custom Home Completion program lets you work closely with us to design your dream home. Whether you are starting from an existing blueprint, a plan from one of the many home plan books, or from scratch, our design/build process will guide you through from preliminary print stage to final interior design choices. Many potential homeowners have gone through a great deal of time and expense to have home plans fully developed for bidding purposes only to find out the cost to build is well over their budget. As we construct many types of homes, we are kept up to date on construction costs through the long term relationship with many of our subcontractors which enables us to create budget estimates that are within our customer's budget thus ensuring your opportunity to create that special home for your family.